Wireframe, Storyboard and Prototype Samples

Midterm Project Storyboard
Midterm Project Storyboard Sample
Sometimes tools and resources are limited to using only MSWord and Paint to build the storyboard to show a client. This assignment demonstrates the skills students have learned in the first eight weeks of the semester. The scope of the project was to build a Mobile App showcasing 5 must do in Boston on one topic such as breweries, museums, sport teams, etc. This is my sample of a MSWord storyboard to assist student with what might be acheivable with a finished product. Students needed to pick a topic, include the logo, location, phone number, website hours of opperation, cost associated and an interactive map so users could find the attraction.
CMT-Appointment Schedule Application Storyboard
CMT-Appointment Scheduler Storyboard
Using Photoshop, Fireworks and MSWord this project demonstrates the ability to create a comprehensive storyboard that will be used to create a prototype. Students were assigned to create an mobile application to schedule an appointment with one of the professors of the CMT Department. Students had to create storyboards in MSWord, Photoshop, or Fireworks and then convert those images into an interactive prototype with the software program InVision. This is my sample storyboard to assist student through assignemnt.
CMT-Appointment Scheduler Prototype
CMT-Appointment Scheduler Prototype
Using the software inVision this project demonstrates how to create an interactive prototype. The inVision software allows users to upload Photoshop, Fireworks and other image files to the cload and then convert those images into an interactive prototype that then can be shared via the web or sent to a mobile device. This is my sample to assist with guiding students through learning how to create a realistic protoype for their portfolio.
CMT-509 Class site Storyboard
CMT-509 Mobiel Web Application Sample Student Site
This is a sample of a storyboard for students to follow and create an HTML5/CSS3 site that will showcase their labs for CMT-509. This storyboard was created in MSWord and then converted to a PDF for easy access throught the web.

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