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Jeannette Passanisi is a classically trained Graphic Artist who holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Franklin Pierce University and enjoys creating Websites, designing curriculum and training materials.  Jeannette has been teaching Web Design as well as other Computer courses since 2009 at various colleges and adult educational programs in the Greater Boston area. During this time she has developed all the related course material for her classes and samples can be found on the portfolio page of this site.

MA Girls State Website.Ms. Passanisi focuses on teaching her students the foundation of HTML with a focus on HTML5/CSS3. Her students learn how to create easy to use Websites that have multiple features for visitors.  Her classes concentrates on good design, functionality and the underlying code of the Web.   Students learn how to hand code and the basic principles of HTML, HTML5, XHTML and XML before incorporating other features into their websites.  Once students have learned the bascis they are exposed to various other programs that will assist with rapid web development such as, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap.

Jeannette is a firm believer in education and teaching philosophy is “an investment in your education is an investment in the rest of your life”.

Latest News

  • May 24, 2017

    Fall courses are now open for registration. Learn HTML5, Mobile Web Applications, Visual Design with HTML & CSS or Interactive Design. Click here to download the lab.

    • April 17, 2017

      Learn how to showcase your work and create a portfolio page using Flexbox and JavaScript with this step-by-step lab. Click here to download the lab.

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